Note on Ebook Features

This Ebook is a translation and adaptation of the Malay version of the publication entitled Fatwa-fatwa Singapura Jilid 1: Sains, Perubatan & Kesihatan.

It has been designed to facilitate the study of fatwas and easy cross-referencing within the text of the book. Readers may find the following electronic features useful:

  • List of fatwas are hyperlinked to the corresponding fatwas in the main text
  • Endnotes are hyperlinked to the main text within each chapter
  • Websites mentioned in the endnotes can be accessed by clicking on the links directly
  • Further background reading and discussion of certain concepts are provided at the end of the book and are linked to the main text. Readers may click on the texts containing such links in order to access these boxes


Fatwas of Singapore Copyright © 2017 by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS). All Rights Reserved.

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