About The Book

The Fatwa Rulings Compilation and Analysis series is part of the Fatwa Rulings Documentation Project which aims to increase awareness and enhance the understanding of readers on fatwas produced by Singapore’s Fatwa Committee, its development and thinking since 1968.

Beyond the 29 fatwa texts related to issues of science, medicine and health, this publication also provides socio-historical accounts of the context behind the issues discussed by the fatwas, as well as commentaries on them. These commentaries are a result of detailed studies of the fatwas. They summarise and explain revisions for fatwas, as well as distil the Islamic legal principles, concepts and thinking processes employed by the Fatwa Committee in fatwas particularly for those which involve novel ijtihād. The first volume also provides insights into the challenges faced by the Fatwa Committee members since its founding and what it continues to face in ensuring that relevant fatwas are produced in the context of Singapore’s technologically advanced and multi-cultural society.

This is a translated and adapted version of the original Malay publication entitled “Fatwa-Fatwa Singapura Jilid 1, Sains, Perubatan dan Kesihatan”